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Richard Collingridge
David Fickling Books
We join small boy, Richard hugging his toy lion and attempting to convince himself “There’s no such thing as monsters.” So what is that sound that sends him dashing from his bedroom, running through the streets, over the hills, through the forest into the fields hotly pursued by something – of that he’s convinced himself. The landscape grows more menacing …

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so on he goes, leaving behind his dropped toy,

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until he emerges in a magical jungle where he finds himself surrounded by animals of all kinds …

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But that monster’s still in hot pursuit so Richard keeps running … and running … and then what’s this? Can it be Lionheart, a toy no longer?

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Protective, he certainly is and Richard climbs on his back and clutching his mane, the two set out fearlessly on an amazing journey, but the monster still lurks; Lionheart feels it and sees it looming large … coming … closer until a final confrontation occurs …
Massive in impact, there are faint echoes of Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are in this dramatic tale about finding your inner courage – your inner roar. Collingridge’s cinematic paintings are alternately scarily tension filled and reassuringly comforting. A tremendous follow-up to When It Snows and well worth the long wait.

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